Our Philosophy

At a time when you don't recognise your body in the mirror and every minute of the day is dedicated to keeping a tiny human alive, For The Creators offers new mums a chance to feel themselves again.

Our mission is to help every new mum feel the best version of herself. To feel confident in her post-partum body so she can enjoy every minute of this special time.

Welcome to For The Creators

A Letter From Our Founder

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lyndsay and I’m extremely excited to welcome you to what I believe to be, the first rental platform specifically for post natal clothing.

I started For The Creators as a solution to my own frustrating experience of not having anything to wear following the birth of my son Hamish. Upon arriving home from hospital I opened my wardrobe to my maternity wear which I was fed-up of and viewed as a backward step and my “old” clothes which unsurprisingly didn’t yet fit.

I did what I imagine most new mums do, lived in Pj’s, leggings and oversized jumpers which was fine until I wanted to venture out and look vaguely presentable.

Shocked by the lack of any specific post natal ranges I was forced to source items in a larger size from my usual retailers that were breastfeeding friendly and comfortable around my c-section scar.

After a few months I had amassed clothing in a array of sizes most of which was now too big and redundant. A complete waste.

Frustrated by there being no single destination for the best in post-natal clothing and the negative impact on both my bank balance and the planet I started thinking how this underrepresented area of fashion could be improved.

For The Creators was born. A place where new mums can source the best of the high-end high street, rent and retuning without worrying about the impact to their purse or the environment.

What you see on site today is our first collection as a pilot to see whether this is a service you are looking for.

The range released has been 100% crowdsourced by new mums because For The Creators is a space for you, one of the worlds creators, to discover something beautiful that makes you feel the best version of yourself.

I really hope you like it,

Lyndsay x