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what to wear to a wedding when breastfeeding

What to Wear to a Wedding When Breastfeeding - Your Low-Effort but High Style Guide

Having a wedding in the diary makes for a fun summer, but for nursing mums, the logistics of dressing for a wedding when breastfeeding add a layer of complexity.

Plus, the days of leisurely shopping, be it IRL or online, are long gone. Now it's all about the other 552 jobs on the to-do-list with "order a  breastfeeding friendly dress for wedding" bumped to the bottom. 

But, not on our watch. 

We've curated a wardrobe of looks that are breast/pump/breast pad friendly c/o of the FTC team, who are seasoned pros at feeding friendly occasion wear

Consider this your go-to-guide for feeling more you, when you dressing for two. 

What to wear to a wedding when breastfeeding - the FTC Guide

"The first wedding I went to I didn't think about access for my breastpump," shares Julie, FTC member. "Cut to, spending 30 mins solo in the loo while everyone else enjoyed the champagne arrival and canapés. Not fun."

Let's begin our guide with talking about the  practicalities of dressing for a wedding and feeding a baby.

What is the best dress to breastfeed in?

Knowing what to wear to a wedding when breastfeeding slightly depends on your nursing style.

If you're the kind of mum who's comfortable breastfeeding while standing, while also nabbing a snack from the canapé man then you're probably after a dress with clever zip or side access. Something that reveals less but has faff-free access. 

Clever breasting feeding access

Wrap dresses that are easy to nurse in

More into finding a discrete feeding corner? Then button-through or wrap-front dresses are also your friends - easy access and allow greater boob access, which is welcome when on the quest for a the perfect latch. 

Button-through breastfeeding dresses

Breastfeeders, listen up: buttons are your friends this season (read: year). Just make sure you road test how easily they are to undo and more importantly, do back up again, while holding a hungry, screaming baby otherwise you risk giving Uncle Len an eyeful. 

Jumpsuits that you can breastfeed in

If you didn't wear dresses pre-bébé it doesn't mean you have to start now. Jumpsuits are the perfect chic wedding guest attire and they couldn’t have been more perfectly designed with easy access in mind

But why buy when you'll only wear your dress once?

The problem with breastfeeding-friendly occasion wear is that you are unlikely to wear it more than once – unless you have multiple weddings post-partum. 


This means you’ll spend a lot of money on something that will end up spending more time in your wardrobe than on you. It’s not good for your wallet, and it’s not good for the environment. 


An alternative to buying is to rent your maternity and breastfeeding clothing. 

Renting clothes allows you to wear a luxurious, quality piece, but without shelling out for something that you are going to wear once – plus it’s a sustainable way to shop. 

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