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Our commitment to the planet.

We’re on a mission to eradicate landfill caused by maternity wear.

We’re dedicated to inspire, educate and create positive change in the world.

Feel good fashion shouldn't cost the earth.

Since 2020, we have been leading the revolution in circular fashion for mothers and brands. Our total commitment to responsible growth with as little impact to our planet as possible is unwavering, and we are constantly analyzing the way we work, our partners- to continually improve our efforts. 





Reducing CO2 through Rental

By renting instead of buying 1 new £100 dress and wearing once, you could save the equivalent CO2e of: 

  • Driving 31 miles in a car.
  • The CO2 equivalent of what 1 tree absorbs in a year

As a new mum, it can take up to a year for our bodies to fully recover from pregnancy and during that time our shape and size will change dramatically. This means that new mums are forced to repeatedly spend money on new clothes that result in high levels of waste, both in terms of cost and environmental impact. 

From our Founder

When I started For The Creators in my bedroom, I wanted to not only empower women but fix a broken system that was damaging our planet. Becoming a mother gave me a whole new sense of perspective, and I couldn’t sit around and do nothing. The landfill that maternity wear creates astounded me, and I wholly believed that once informed about the impact of maternity wear, so many women would hold the same values as I did- for themselves and their children. We only work with partners and people who place equal importance on our values that are rooted in sustainability. I am constantly striving with my amazing team to make every element of the FTC process as kind to the planet as possible. Read on to see how we are doing, and as always please drop me a note with your thoughts and ideas.


Let's be transparent.

We want to make a change, for the future generation.

Our Partners

Working with carefully selected partners, we offer our community a curated selection of clothing from brands that are responsible and fulfil our discerning criteria.


For The Creators our proud members of Ecologi, who we partner with to plant 5 trees for every order we receive. 

ACS Clothing

Our circular fulfilment and reverse logistics partner, ACS, is b-corp certified and leading the way in sustainable practices.