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preparing for a c-section

"Help! I'm Having A C-Section and I'm Not Prepared"

Welcome to the 3am Club—a safe space on the internet where we chat about what's keeping you up at night. Making a baby is no small feat; it's a whirlwind of midnight wees and never-ending Googles. Fear not, you've got company! So, whenever you find yourself scrolling in the dark, pop over and get some sage advice from FTC's expert pals.

Dear FTC,

I’m having a c-section in a month - a MONTH - and I have no idea how to prepare. Help!


Hi Sophie,

First off, do not panic. Now is a great time to get prepared for the birth of your baby. 

Let’s start with logistics. 

Do you have any other children? If so, put a plan in place for their care. It’s good to think about who you can call on day and night incase you go in to early labour, as well as, who can be scheduled for 2-3 days of support while you’re in hospital. Anyone who is part of your support crew will need:

  •  A house key
  •  Car seats compatible with their car (e.g do they have isofix
  • Your children’s schedule
  • A list of allergies and medications 
  • Nursery / childcare information and be on the approved pickup list 
  • Any other information that you know will help them feel happy and secure while you’re gone. 

Next up, let’s talk about you. 

Your c-section birth is still YOUR birth and it’s important your wishes are communicated. This is best done in a birth plan. You may wish to include the following

  • Would you like certain music played in the operating theatre?

  • Would you like the theatre staff to talk to you and tell you what’s going on?

  • Do you want the baby to be removed slowly?

  • Would you like the screen to be lowered at delivery?

  • Would you like Is delayed cord clamping?

  • Do you want to skin-skin in the theatre with your baby straight away?

  • Would you like monitoring equipment placed in a way to not inhibit skin-to-skin?

All of these are possible and it’s good to have a written birth plan that can be communicated with your midwife on the day.

We normally recommend packing your hospital bag around 36 weeks, just in case there are any unplanned early arrivals.

We have a comprehensive guide that includes tips on what to pack for a c-section. Do take a look. 

At your next antenatal appointment your care team will do their routine checks and give you specific information about what to expect on the day. Do use this appointment to ask any questions and ensure you leave feeling informed. 

You will also be screened for MRSA (meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) via a nose swab. This is a bacteria that can lead to wound infections. If found, you will be given a treatment to clear it ahead of your surgery.

Good luck,


Dr Anna Cantlay

Dr Anna Cantlay - GP and Chief Medical Officer at For The Creators

Dr Anna Cantlay is an experienced NHS and private GP based in London.

Anna’s priority and passion is making healthcare convenient, accessible and personalised to you and your family. Anna is passionate about Womens Healthcare and is a Menopause specialist.

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