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How to bathe your baby

How to bathe your baby

Whether your day has been a rollercoaster of giggles and fun or a whirlwind of tears and tiny tantrums, the magical world of bath time with your little one can save the day.

It’s the ultimate reset button: a chance to transform chaos into calm, and a surefire route to bonding with your baby. Plus, there is a lot more to this ritual than bubbly adventures. In fact, according to research, bath time is a vital pit stop on your baby’s growth journey! 

We all know routines are life’s little superheroes.

They give your tiny tots a sense of order and predictability in their world. Imagine the comfort of knowing that after all the adventures of the day, bath time is the beacon of bedtime bliss and for your little bundle of joy, bath time is the full stop to their day’s sentence. For many parents, bath time is a secret weapon of zen, which can transform any mini meltdown into calmness and peace. Best of all, perhaps, is that when you are armed with the right soothing products, you can alter your bathroom into a baby spa ensuring a relaxed baby, and hopefully a peaceful night’s sleep for you and them.

Bath time is sensory paradise.

Bubbles, splashes, and calming scents all combine to give your little one’s brain focus and attention, while water-filled sensations, temperature discoveries, and colourful bath toys, which help to fine-tune their motor skills and coordination, all contribute to your little one’s sensory smorgasbord.

As well as the sensory stimulation, you can also use bath time as a passport to enhance your baby’s communication. Bath time’s the perfect time for a chatty rendezvous after a busy day. You can describe the splish-splashes, name body parts, and throw in some bath-themed words to offer your baby their first language lesson. Besides words, bath time is also a prime time for non-verbal communication. Raise those eyebrows, wave those hands, and flash those smiles and this will most
definitely help them learn important social cues.

The icing on the bath-time cake is that it is not just about your baby’s development; it’s also about the precious moments you share. It’s a time for gentle touches, loving voices, and playful interactions that signal to your baby that they are loved, cherished, and adored! Of course, to make the most of this bubbly adventure, some prep work is key.

Create an atmosphere.

Create a cosy spa-like atmosphere by dimming the lights and playing some relaxing music. For an extra sensory thrill, opt for bath products with delightful scents – and of course don’t forget those irresistible bubbles! But here’s the plot twist: not all babies are fans of bath time initially. Some might be more sceptical, unsure of this watery world. However, by adopting some simple tricks you can turn even the most water-sensitive of babies into aqua-enthusiasts!

Choose the right moment.

Start by choosing the perfect moment when your tiny explorer is calm, fed and ready for adventure. Establish a comforting routine that spells out every step, from undressing to drying off. Empower your little one by letting them have a say in bath time and perhaps even turn bath time into a playground of possibilities. Give them choices, whether it’s picking their favourite bath toys or deciding on the water temperature (within safe limits, of course!). 


If your baby is hesitant or resistant, be the understanding cheerleader they need. By being patient and taking your time, soon enough bath time will become the highlight of their day. So, lather up with your favourite products (from Dandydill Way, naturally!) and watch your baby grow, relax, and thrive in their very own water wonderland!

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