About The Fit
Plus Minus
  • Supportive fabric
  • Colour matched bra extender
  • Removable foam insert
  • Single hand clip access for easy feeding
  • Clips are backed on to fabric, so that they don't rub or irritate the skin
  • Stylish open-back design
Plus Minus

Easy access clips make nursing your baby easy and discreet. And, if you need a wider band near the end of your pregnancy, each bra comes with an additional extender.


The open back is as stylish as it is comfortable, spreading the support around the shoulder area. This breastfeeding bra is as comfortable for running and working out in as it is to sleep in.

Size Guide
Plus Minus



Not sure what size you need? Take a look at our size guide below. This chart calculates in line with the Boob or Bust size guides rather than the bra size you wear. Because bra sizes vary hugely between brands, this will ensure you get the best fit every time.  

At the very least we recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your under bust measurement in inches - not your bra size!  

We always recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit of your nursing sports bra during and after pregnancy. If you are already pregnant and finding bras too tight, we'd typically suggest picking one size below your current under bust measurement and using the bra extender to the end of your pregnancy (for the best postnatal fit). 

Still not sure? Drop us an email on mailto:orders@forthecreators.co with your measurements and current bra size and we will help you find the best fit.