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Maternity Basics in a Collage

A Fashion Stylist's best tips for Maternity Style

Pregnancy can be an amazing time, but it can also be a challenge to feel like yourself. Your body is doing incredible things, but it's also continually changing and keeping up with it and your wardrobe needs can be hard work… The last thing you need is another thing to exhaust you. 

So, here’s my top 10 maternity fashion tips to keep you feeling good, looking good and being you.

1. You can never have too many basics

Basic by name, basic by nature (but a life saver) nothing overIy exciting but I guarantee you will live in long Jersey tops. Be it tanks in the summer or cosy long sleeves in the winter these will see you through every stage of your pregnancy and beyond. If you can, I’d invest a little here as you won’t regret the comfort and longevity quality will bring. Consider bodies as an option if you want to create a seamless silhouette with no fabric bunch up. I recommend stocking up on the core colours black, white and nude. They will become your second skin. 

2. When you just need that extra inch

Waist extenders…..I was pretty unsure of these in my first pregnancy but once I converted I was a fan and ran straight to them in my second pregnancy. They are ideal for the first/second trimester and they simply give your favourite trousers a extra inch or two so you can continue to wear your favourites in comfort. They do need a buttoned waist and lack in the style stacks so best to be covered but they’re fab for postnatal too. 

3. Layer up

A silk kimono in summer, an open cotton shirt in the spring, a denim jacket in autumn, a chunky wool cardigan in the winter… Layering will never fail you. Its a great way to add texture, colour or print, pair effortlessly with a comfy basic of your choice, be it a stretch jersey dress, leggings and tank or even a full bump suit. I relied on this go-to way into the first year of both my little ones when easy access was needed. 

4. Breathable fabrics

Temperatures when you’re pregnant can be a tricky thing to crack, and I’m not just talking about the summer. I recommend sticking to breathable fabric where you can. In the colder months layer them up to help you regulate your own temperature. In the summer rejoice in their cooling qualities. 

5. Express yourself

Many feel like keeping their style mojo alight during pregnancy is a challenge. We tend to (understandably) opt for comfort and practicality but a great tool to funk up any bland landscape is… Accessories! You can add colour, texture and personality to something really simple by simply popping on some earrings, a necklace or both. 

6. Rock the lipstick

Pregnancy can be tough and sometimes we just need a little pick me up to brighten the canvas. Treat yourself to a new or dive into that makeup bag for a bright lipstick or nail vanish. It can make the world of difference to how you feel and can dress up the simplest of outfits. Its also a great way of injecting a bit of style personality to your outfit and will help you feel more like you. 

7. Button down 1st-4th go to

Hands down one of the most versatile wardrobe staple for maternity and beyond. A button down top/shirt is the perfect go to from the first trimester to the forth. Wear it buttoned up in the first trimester then as an open layer in your second and third then rely on it as a great easy access breast feeding option, If that’s what you choose. 

8. It doesn't always have to be a Maternity brand

Maternity brands are fantastic, they’re the experts indeed and I do believe there are some things (especially once you reach the 3rd trimester) which just aren’t bump-friendly, but there are also plenty of cuts that can easily accommodate. Taking any guess work out of it, For The Creators have hand-picked their whole collection to be full of pre and postnatal heroes so you won’t have to worry ‘will it work’, cos they’ve already figured it out for you. 

9. Explore your wardrobe for unexpected bump-friendly pieces.

There’s no need to abandon your existing wardrobe, you will be surprised how many bump friendly hidden treasures you can find. Dive in and have fun 

10. Invest in the breasts

Invest in the breasts If you can splurge a little on this you won’t regret it, a good maternity bra is worth it. For comfort, practicality and sturdy support may even help against gravities pull south. 

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