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Pregnancy Workwear: How to boss office wear in Trimester 1, 2 & 3

Navigating the waters of pregnancy while maintaining a semi-professional appearance at work can certainly feel like baby admin you didn’t sign up for. In the early days, you’re not in a rush to slap on a Baby On Board badge and talk to everyone, including to Lorraine in Finance about your sex life: ‘yes, it was planned’ and ‘no, it wasn’t a surprise’. 

But you’re also feeling like your normal work clothes are a squeeze, yet pregnancy workwear feels months off.

Further into pregnancy, when perhaps, you’re in your ‘pregnant and proud’ era, finding pregnancy workwear that strikes a professional yet bump-friendly balance comes with its own set of challenges.

To help you navigate maternity officewear at every stage the FTC team has compiled a complete guide to pregnancy workwear, offering stylish, comfortable, and practical solutions for trimester one, trimester two and trimester three

Here's how to style maternity workwear at every stage

Pregnancy Workwear for Trimester One

The early days of pregnancy are often a balancing act between wanting to keep your pregnancy under wraps, your head out of the loo and dealing with bloat. Is that a bump, already? Surely not? 

Your go-to work clothes might start to feel snug, but diving headfirst into maternity wear might seem a tad premature.

What to wear in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

It trimester one, refresh your pregnancy workwear with: 

  • Loose Shirts and Blouses: Opt for flowy materials that offer breathing room around your midsection, keeping you comfortable and chic.
  • Empire Waist Dresses: These dresses cinch just below the bust, allowing ample room for your changing figure without drawing attention to your growing bump.
  • Layering: Embrace cardigans and open-front blazers that can easily be added or removed to accommodate fluctuating body temperatures and comfort levels.
  • Long, Loose Tops with Slim Bottoms: Pairing a longer, more relaxed top with slim-fitting pants or skirts can balance your silhouette while keeping you comfortable.

pregnancy workwear, maternity shirt

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Pregnancy Workwear for Trimester Two

The bump that once was easy to conceal is now breaking out of your jeans and there’s only so many times you can wear your oversized shirt to the office. In short, from 20 weeks onwards any non-pregnancy workwear will be a tight squeeze. And it's not just about fitting into your clothes; it's about feeling like yourself amidst the pop, stretch and changes of mid-pregnancy. 

What to wear from weeks 13 to 26

Comfort becomes key, but so does maintaining a sense of self.

  • Maternity Jeans and Trousers: Look for options with adjustable waistbands that can grow with you but don't swamp you.
  • Soft, yet supportive underwear: You might notice your breasts getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The earlier you retire underwear with wires for maternity bras the less angry at the world you’ll be. Trust us.
  • Belly Bands: These can be a game-changer for back and pelvic support, making it easier to wear your favourite work pieces longer.
  • Adaptable Layering: Hormonal changes play havoc with your internal thermostat. Layer pieces that can be ditched throughout the day to help you keep your cool. 

pregnancy workwear, what to wear trimester 2

Pregnancy Workwear for Trimester Three

There are only a few months between you and a solid month of wearing nothing but pjs. You can do it. Although, in these final few months of pregnancy, when you’ll start to feel like a human tent, refreshing your pregnancy workwear with a couple of comfy, yet chic staples is key.

What to wear from weeks 27 to 40+

This is the time to flat into the final stretch. Choose:

  • Natural Fabrics: garments made from cotton, bamboo, or cashmere are kind on extra sensitive skin and provide all-day comfort.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Wide-fitting flats, supportive sneakers, or low heels are essential to alleviate back pain and accommodate any swelling.
  • Dresses with Adjustable Features: Garments that allow for customisation, like wrap dresses or those with drawstrings, offer comfort and style that adapts to your growing bump.
  • Plan ahead with your bag: Baby bags can make great work bags, especially when needing to bring extra shoes etc. to the office. 
what to wear in pregnancy, pregnancy workwear, maternity workwear

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amy lane

The Author: Amy Lane

Amy Lane is a mama of two and FTC Content Director. Her work has been published in Women's Health, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and Elle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to work when pregnant?

We hope our trimester by trimester guide has you covered. If not, contact the FTC team and we'll help you build your dream maternity workwear wardrobe. 

When should you wear maternity trousers?

You make the rules. Wear what you want when you want to feel your best. Some of the FTC team are still wearing their maternity trousers two years down the line....

What point in pregnancy do you wear maternity clothes?

Again, there are no rules. You might find that you'd like some maternity specific items as early as 12 weeks, or you might still be wearing your pre-pregnancy wardrobe at 6 months. Every body and journey is unique. 

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