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Close up of breastfeeding dress by Nine The Label

Breastfeeding Wardrobe tips and tricks... It’s not as limiting as you think 

Firstly, everyone's journey with breastfeeding is unique. I advocate doing what's best for you and your family and cheerlead choice. If you do choose to breastfeed then one of the things that can add to the challenge is finding clothes to wear that can be both functional and stylish. In this blog expect Breastfeeding Wardrobe Tips to help make getting dressed easy and enjoyable...

Losing yourself while entering into motherhood (for the first time or the fifth time) is something that succumbs many of us, but it doesn’t have to when it comes to trying to feel good in what we wear. which I think is important during such a transformational and vulnerable time.

I think most of us try to prepare our wardrobes for that 4th trimester, the cluster feeding frenzy when skin-to-skin is so soothing and when we know we probably won’t be leaving the house much, but in the midst of all the other concerns and things to think of we don’t think much about when we might get to the other side and want to feel more like us again, before we know it we’re stood in front of our wardrobes not realising how much breastfeeding affects our outfit choices.

I’m pleased to say there are plenty of options out there that can help you feel great and will hopefully make life a little easier... and it's not just shirts, shirts and more shirts!

Accessibility is EVERYTHING and I believe you can achieve that without compromising too much on expressing your style personality.

Here are my top tips and tricks to building your feeding-friendly wardrobe:

*It all starts with what’s underneath: 

A good bra makes all the difference, plus you no longer have to settle for unattractive frumpy over-the-shoulder boulder holders there are some stunning underwear draw-worthy options out there.

*Nursing vest:

Go for good quality form-fitting, soft and stretchy. This will be a game-changer. Working as a torso coverage creator it can be worn under everything from dresses to jumpsuits to your favourite tee. 


I recommend getting one in each classic colour: Black, White and nude. 

*Clothing clips:

These are helpful little gadgets, especially for on-the-go feeding. So simple but eliminates the faff of a lot of draping fabrics. 

*Nursing cover:

Purpose made and I know people who swear by them. Available in an abundance of colours, patterns and prints. These create a discreet feeding solution regardless of what is worn under.


I often make my own ‘cover’ by tying a scarf or muslin like a sling around my neck. I’ve also done this for a less exposed pumping session too.  

*Think fabrics:

Soft fabrics that can lay and stay to the side. When it comes to compositions easy to wash is the way to go. Avoid silks or easy-to-stain fabrics, especially in the early days.  

*The Jumpsuit is your wardrobe hero:

Often available with a button or zip openings, deep V and wrap necklines. Function and fashion at its finest.

*The power of the dress:

Getting out of those leggings and into a dress is a move you won’t regret I promise, it can seamlessly transform you into feeling put together and more human again. Similar to jumpsuits the joy is in the variety of choices that can be feeding-friendly. 

*The ‘made for purpose’ pieces:

Dresses that have concealed zip openings, and double-layered tops. Maternity and specialist brands are finding clever ways to make feeding at the forefront of their product design. Particularly good for the 4th trimester as shapes/cuts are often flattering to the postnatal shape.

*Rental, Resale, Vintage:

Renting and reselling your feeding-friendly wardrobe can be a great way to save money, help the planet and rejuvenate your wardrobe. And the one-of-a-kind treasures you can come across when you shop vintage can offer something unique. 

*Add a bit of you:

It can be hard for your style to shine when your wardrobe choices have to be functional, but you can add some personality easily through accessories, jackets, prints and patterns. Plus these can double up as great tools to cover any leaks or stains. Browse the full Feeding-Friendly rental range here, to find your style.


To summarise, creating a feeding-friendly wardrobe for however long it’s needed can feel challenging but it’s not as limiting as you may think. I use the simple formula of ‘Can I lift it, lower it or move it’ – access is all you really need for something to be fail-safe feeding friendly.

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