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Choosing the right underwear for pregnancy and beyond…

Choosing the right underwear for pregnancy and beyond…

Pregnancy can be a time of great change for a woman’s body. As your body grows and expands, so too do your underwear needs. In this blog post, Kate Anains, founder of Six Studio, answers your questions on choosing the right underwear for pregnancy and beyond…

“What should I look for when buying underwear for pregnancy?”

For me when I first came to buy underwear during my pregnancy I felt quite lost! my body felt completely different, I needed to buy new underwear to accommodate and support my new found curves!


When shopping for underwear during pregnancy I would definitely recommend buying underwear from brands designed specifically for pregnancy/maternity wear as they will have been designed and adapted to suit and fit a pregnant body. Everything will have been considered from the fabrics and trims used to the exact shape and sizing of the garments to fit a bump and pregnancy curves.

FTC’s guide of things to consider when choosing maternity underwear and underwear for after pregnancy. 

Comfort: Maternity underwear should be comfortable and supportive. It should not be too tight or too loose.

Stretch: Maternity underwear should be made from a suitable stretchy, breathable fabric that can accommodate your growing belly.

Coverage: Maternity underwear should provide adequate coverage. You may want to choose underwear with a higher rise or a wider leg band.

Support: You may want to consider a supportive style of underwear, particularly as your body is healing postpartum. Consider a high-waisted brief. 

Style: Maternity underwear doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many different stylish maternity underwear options available, so you can feel more you through pregnancy and beyond.

“Why does pregnancy-friendly underwear matter?”

Buying new underwear during pregnancy is a must, as well as maternity jeans!! 

Our bodies change so much throughout pregnancy, literally week by week!  And again in postpartum. Underwear designed specifically for pregnancy will offer the coverage, comfort and support needed for your pregnancy curves.


I also think it is so important that you buy underwear that makes you feel good. Underwear that is stylish as well as functional, in high quality fabrics and beautiful colours. This was so important for me when designing the Six Collection – modern underwear that looks as good as your pre pregnancy underwear.

“What considerations should I make when choosing underwear for postpartum recovery?”

There are practical things that you need from your postpartum underwear such as the option of feeding access if you are breastfeeding, but also supportive and comfortable styles in good quality soft fabrics.


But for me a very important part of your postpartum underwear choices should be something that you look forward to wearing – something that makes you feel good, a beautiful colour and fabric in a flattering style. celebrate your incredible postpartum body with great underwear – it deserves it!

Choosing the right underwear is important for your comfort and support. Find the perfect underwear to help you feel your best during this special time in your life. Browse the Six Studio range now.