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Easy make up trends to try this Autumn/Winter 23

Easy make up trends to try this Autumn/Winter 23

This time around your make-up style will look a little different, not just because it’s a new season with a fresh batch of colour (more on that later) but because your priorities have changed, and I would imagine, so has your social life. 

Thankfully however, Autumn/Winter ’23 is a pretty simple make-up season to wrap our heads (timeframe and budget) around, it is easy, classic and suits everyone.  So there is little or no excuse not to update your look, even a smidge.  Add to that the fact that as an editor I like to impart three rules every season, no more no less.  Beauty made simple is beauty made fun.

And while this list is light on rules – a new baby means you’ve got enough of those - it is not light on glamour for day and night, because all it takes for nail the AW23 look is a dot, flick, smudge or smattering of the essentials and a few seconds of your time.  So, by the empowering number of three, here is your new mum make-up edit for AW/23.

Easy make up trends to follow this season:

1. LINER: as seen at Etro, Prada and Dior

Take one liner. Actually take a few, in any colour you please from lilac and primrose to cornflower and chestnut, as long as you include black in your AW eyeliner rainbow.  How to wear it? Again, no rules – perhaps go classic by drawing along the water line, even place minimalist dots on the inner corners, or smudge and blend over the lids as shadow, or try something inter galactic with winged liner to pull tired eyes up and out (you’ll try anything right?).  The main memo is, have fun and get creative, because anything goes.

2. RED LIPSTICK: as seen at Dolce & Gabbana and Simone Rocha 

Day or night (and in fact season on season, so see this is a trans seasonal investment) red is in.  Worn best in as bright a shade as you can, in any finish, against clean, glowing skin (free from blush or bronzer).  Up the ante by applying colour and blurring edges with your fingertip for the appearance of a larger pout. 

(I know I know; you don’t suit red lipstick.  But have you tried a tinted balm, a cherry stain or a red liner with your favourite lip salve to fill in the gaps in?  And if you’re still not feeling confident, get used to wearing it in the house and catch yourself in the mirror, because I promise your reflection will leave you feeling more comfortable every time you see yourself).

3. GLOWING FOUNDATION: as seen at Tory Burch, Eudon Choi and Balmain

A glow-getting, good skin-mimicking base is probably this season’s must have if I had to choose one.  And this reader is why you should probably spend most of your time and budget here, getting it right.  

Go for a new age foundation with smart light reflective pigments (Shiseido, Glossier, Kosas and Rare Beauty all have great options), as these are fine and light enough for daytime, but can be built up if you need a little extra coverage. The best new bases also come packed with skincare too; so look out for longwear versions that include hyaluronic acid and brightening vitamins so that what lies beneath your base gets a helping hand too.  But beware of buying online, and head to a counter if you can for your best match, testing colour on your face always (hands have a complexion of their own). 

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