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woman wearing maternity dress outside

FTC Family: Seeking Mums-to-Be for an Exclusive Maternity Collaboration

“If you want something done, ask a busy person mum.”

So, here we are. 

We are looking for women from across the UK, to be part of our new ambassador programme, FTC Family. 

We want women who are as effed off at the state of maternity fashion as we are and who want to help spread the word that feel good maternity fashion shouldn't cost the earth. 

Perhaps, you're fed up of being forced to wear clothes that you would never normally wear, and just do not feel “like you”, or you keep buying cheap clothes that you quickly grow out of. 

We believe in the power of real experiences and authentic representation, which is why we're reaching out to you—the women in the thick of this transformative phase of life to become our ambassadors. 

FTC ambassador programme

Who we’re looking for: 

You do not need to have a large social media presence to apply, just be in your second or third trimester, have a camera phone and be comfortable sharing your feel good style.

What you’ll do: 

We’d like mothers and mothers-to-be to try FTC and film the fits. Our goal? For more women to see authentic pregnancy and postpartum style. No lights, no camera, no action - just our clothes being put to the test in motherhood. Baby sick? We’re here for it. 

for the creators, maternity clothes rental

 What we’re offering: 

  • Complimentary 3 month FTC membership

  • Special product drops delivered to your door 

  • Opportunity to try FTC beauty collection 

  • Featured on and social media platforms (e.g. Instagram)

  • Discount on extra one-time rentals

for the creators ambassador programme

Earn commission

We’ll set you up with rewards for spreading the word about FTC. Not a Tik Tok fan or an Instagram influencer? Don’t worry. You do not need to have a big following to earn rewards. Maybe you have an active What’s App group? Or, go to a local mum group? There are plenty of ways to earn with FTC. 

You will also receive opportunities to partner with  and feature in various campaigns with us.

Being part of FTC's journey is more than just modelling; it's about uniting in modern motherhood and inspiring other expectant mothers along the way.


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