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How to do a postpartum wardrobe cleanse

How to do a postpartum wardrobe cleanse

Congratulations on becoming a mama! Through pregnancy, you’ve been through so many changes - your body, your lifestyle, your wardrobe. As a new mum, you're likely focused on caring for your little one and adjusting to your new role, but once you have a moment to breathe, you may want to take some time to assess your own wardrobe and how it's changed since you were pregnant. It’s time to make room for your post-pregnancy wardrobe that works for your new body and lifestyle and declutter your wardrobe with a postpartum wardrobe cleanse.

We’ve compiled a list of eight considerations to help you clean out your wardrobe after pregnancy:

  1. Start by sorting through your clothes. Work section-by-section, going through your wardrobe and drawers. Sort your clothes into piles of what you want to keep and what you would like to rehome. Don’t empty your entire wardrobe and drawers in one go - you have enough on your plate and this approach can be incredibly overwhelming. Taking your postpartum wardrobe cleanse little-by-little means you can stop and start as you need to.

  2. Assess your maternity clothes. If you have a lot of maternity clothes from your pregnancy, you may be wondering what to do with them now that your pregnancy is over. You may want to keep a few key pieces in case you have another pregnancy in the future - but if not, consider selling, or rehoming to another mama to help prolong the lifespan of your maternity wear.

  3. When sorting through your clothing, be kind to yourself. This can be an emotional and daunting task. It's important to remember that your body has been through so much and will likely be different after pregnancy. Be open to the possibility that some clothes may not fit the same way they did before and be honest with yourself about which items you need to keep hold of. What does/doesn’t fit you? What makes you feel good? If you have items you want to hold on to try on at a later date, consider buying some vacuum bags. This way, you can store your clothes out of the way to try on for your next wardrobe cleanse.

  4. Get rid of anything that doesn't bring you joy. As you go through your wardrobe, be mindful of anything that doesn't make you feel good when you wear it. If an item is uncomfortable, or just doesn't bring you joy, consider getting rid of it. Your postpartum wardrobe should be filled with clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.

  5. Sell, rehome or repurpose. Now you have sorted your wardrobe, it’s time to give your clothing a second life, instead of throwing it away. This is an eco-friendly way to declutter your wardrobe and make room for new items. You can consider swapping items with friends or family, upcycling clothing by repurposing it into something else, or by donating items to charity. You can also sell your preloved clothing to other mums, giving it a second life, while making some additional income! Consider selling hardly-worn maternitywear, accessories and kit with the FTC Collective. By considering these options, you can get rid of your clothes in a responsible and sustainable way, rather than sending them to the landfill.

  6. Reorganise. You’ve decided on the items you want to keep, so now you need to make your life as easy as possible so you can get dressed with ease. Make sure your everyday essentials are easy to access at the centre of your wardrobe, or drawers. Categorise items in your wardrobe, keeping them together in one place. You could also consider organising dresses, shirts and knits by colour too, so you can grab what you need and go - and still feel your best.

  7. Evaluate your current style. Pregnancy and motherhood can often lead to a shift in personal style. Changes in your body may make it difficult to find clothes that fit and flatter your new shape. Take some time to think about your current style and whether your wardrobe reflects it.

  8. Fill in the gaps. Once you have gone through your wardrobe and gotten rid of items that no longer fit or suit your style, you may find that you have a few gaps in your wardrobe. Consider writing a list of key pieces you are missing, so that you don’t buy clothing that you don’t need. It can be helpful to invest in a few staple items that will help you feel comfortable and confident. Or, you could consider renting key pieces or statement styles to top up your wardrobe while your body is still changing, without the waste.

Cleansing your wardrobe after pregnancy is well worth the effort. Not only will you make room for your new, post-pregnancy wardrobe, you'll also find getting dressed in the morning easier and more enjoyable! While you adapt to life with a new baby, it’s important you still find little ways to help you feel more like yourself. Playing with your personal style is one of those! Remember to be patient with yourself as you adjust to your new body, and don't be afraid to seek out new styles and brands that may work better for you now.

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