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Modest dressing during summer whilst pregnant or breastfeeding

Modest dressing during summer whilst pregnant or breastfeeding

Sebina Hussain is one of Instagram’s biggest names in lifestyle and beauty content. We caught up with her to discuss her top tips on modest dressing during summer whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

I live in dresses and this is just amplified in the summer, smock dresses and maxi dresses are perfect when pregnant. Most have plenty of room for growing bumps and if you find long sleeve maxis then they are the perfect thing to throw on without having to think too much, without needing to layer (so you stay cool) and they always look cute.

Opt for light airy materials such as linen and cotton - I find I sweat more whilst pregnant so this is important.

Avoid too much layering as this make BF more difficult and can make you feel warmer when you’re body temp is already increased during pregnant (plus underboob sweat when you’re bf and layering is not something you want to be dealing with).

A light denim/cotton mix shirt is a great wardrobe staple for summer. If you have any maxi dresses that are sleeveless or short sleeved, this will give you that full coverage without making you too hot.

A kimono or an open Abaya is my wardrobe secret, these are lightweight and provide instant full coverage and are so useful on hot summer days (or even hotter weather on holiday) - you can wear a strapless dress or a vest top and linen trousers underneath but  still have full coverage with the kimono.

Tunics are an absolute must have for the summer, normally oversized so perfect for growing bumps, normally quite low necks so perfect for bf access. Great for holidays but can also be paired with maternity jeans for a a casual summer look.

Wrap dresses are great for growing bumps and then can be used when breast feeding too.

I love shirt dresses when breastfeeding but would avoid them when pregnant as it’s always hard to know if the dress would fit over my bump or not.

"Don’t look at labels and sizes, try clothes on to see what feels good. Your body is changing so much and it can be a difficult time, so wearing clothing that makes you feel better about yourself is key."

For weddings or special occasions, my go to is again a maxi dress. I always look for something that has embroidery or a design on the arms or the upper part of the dress, with a more floaty bottom half that will just flow over my bump.

Co-ords: a silky or cotton oversized co ord is also a summer staple when pregnant. Added bonus if the top os shirt style and can be used to breast feed in after the baby arrives.

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