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Postpartum Belly Bands – do they help?

Postpartum Belly Bands – do they help?

The female body is nothing short of amazing – your tummy and adapted and grown to accommodate your developing baby for the last 9 months and now you find yourself adjusting to your postpartum body. Some women prefer to wear loose fitting clothing in the early days, and this will certainly be the most comfortable option if you have had a c-section. Others may choose to try a belly band or wrap to help provide some additional support to your core postnatally.

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Why wear a postpartum belly band?

During pregnancy, your body has to adapt to allow space for your growing womb and fetus. This will include your abdominal muscles separating and stretching and changes to your pelvic ligaments. For some women, this can result in issues such as back pain or Pubic Symphysis Pain/Pelvic Girdle Pain during their pregnancy. 

There isn’t a huge amount of research that wearing a belly band or wrap postpartum makes a difference to recovery. Some small studies that have shown benefits, including:

  • Reducing lingering back and Pelvic Girdle Pain 
  • Supporting your abdominal muscles and core
  • Improving mobility 

There is no evidence that belly bands can help you lose weight postpartum. 

How to choose the best product for you

There are a few different options on the market, from wraps, belts to bands. Find a product that is made of flexible and adjustable material so it fits you properly – comfort is key and you don’t want anything too restrictive. Many will come with Velcro fasteners so you can adjust the fit and tightness for comfort. Don’t wear the band or wrap all day as you may become reliant on it and slow down the recovery of your core. 

“I started using the Lola&Lykke band 4 weeks postpartum. The adjustable velcro fastenings helped adjust it specifically for my body and it felt soft & comfortable whilst providing core support.”


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