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c-section scar photos

10 Women Share their C-Section Scar Photos in the Year After Birth

April marks Caesarean Awareness Month - a full month of conversation and celebration of abdominal births. As part of this, For the Creators is shining a light on c-section scars. 

"Mum, what's that?" my three-year-old son asked as I stripped off for a shower, tracing his tiny fingers across my c-section scar—a part of me that defines me, yet remains mostly hidden.

For many years, delivering a baby via c-section was labeled the easy route—no congratulatory applause, no commendations for enduring a drug-free birth, no candid Polaroids in an NHS makeshift spa setting. There was even a whisper of being 'too posh to push'.

As I was wheeled into the theatre in 2022, despite c-sections accounting for a quarter of all UK births, and a medical condition that required a swift end to my pregnancy, I felt like my body had failed me. 

Today, the sweeping line across my abdomen isn't a mark of failure. My c-section scar is a testament to my grit, determination, and devotion to my son. It stands as a reminder of the strength required to endure a team of medical professionals pealing back seven layers of tissue and the surreal sensation of someone washing up dishes inside me. 

[For the record, they weren't dishes. They were my organs being jostled and moved about.]

Recent years have seen a shift, with many mums taking to social media to quash the stigma around caesareans, celebrating their c-section scars as marks of maternal strength. Let's join these women in embracing the complex journey of motherhood, recognising that a c-section scar is more than just an obstetrician's handiwork—it's a symbol of strength, healing, and how damn tough us mums are. And, just like birth, each scar is unique. 

10 beautiful c-section scar photos

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