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A pregnant lady walking outside during autumn as part of a Maternity photoshoot

Styling for the Season: What to Wear for an Autumn Maternity Photoshoot

Apple Grove Studios

Alina - Apple Grove Studios

Alina from Apple Grove Studio is a motherhood, newborn and family photographer based in South West London. She specialises in natural, relaxed sessions in her studio, on location and in her clients’ homes. 


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Autumn is a magical season, and it's a wonderful time to capture the beauty of your pregnancy in an outdoor maternity photoshoot. With the leaves changing and warm colours all around, it is the perfect backdrop for photographs documenting this special time before your baby arrives. But what should you wear to rock the autumn vibes and show off your beautiful baby bump? 

We've got some ideas and tips to help you feel and look your best for your outdoor Autumn Maternity Photoshoot.

1. Earthy Colours

Autumn's all about those earthy and warm colours. Think deep reds, rich browns, mustard yellows and olive greens, as well as neutral tones like cream and beige. These shades not only blend perfectly with the Autumn scenery but also give your photos that warm and cosy feel.

2. Layer Up and Add Texture

The crisp Autumn air is an invitation to layer up. Try a cardigan, a denim jacket or a coat to keep you warm and add depth to your outfit. Chunky knitted cardigans are my favourite because you can wear them off your shoulders and it looks amazing, and you can cuddle up and get warm in between shots.

3. Flowy Dresses

Flowy maxi or mid-length dresses are a fantastic choice for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. They softly hug your baby bump, making it the focal point of the photographs, while allowing you to move comfortably. Whether you go for florals or solid colours, they'll create a stunning contrast against the Autumn backdrop.

4. Boots

Opt for ankle boots - styles that cut low on the ankle and zip on the side are comfortable, flattering and easy to put on - especially if you’re in your 3rd trimester! Black or brown boots are a classic that goes with everything, they'll keep your feet warm and add an edge to your outfit.

5. Unbuttoned Jeans

Jeans can be a great option - but not maternity jeans. Wear your pre-pregnancy ones, unbuttoned – they will give a more flattering shape than maternity jeans will. Try pairing them with an oversized knit jumper that can be rolled up, to show off the bump without getting cold.  

6. Don't forget the umbrella

Autumn weather can be unpredictable and whilst I am always happy to reschedule the shoot if it’s forecast to rain, sometimes the weather changes without warning. But don’t worry - dramatic skies can provide a beautiful backdrop to your pregnancy photos, and a clear umbrella will not only keep you dry but add visual interest to your images.

7. Co-ordinate with your family

If you're planning to involve your partner and children, it’s a good idea to coordinate your outfits.  The outfits don’t have to be matching - if your colours are the same, you will blend into each other whilst complementary colours can create a unified, visually appealing look. 

8. Pack a second outfit

I suggest bringing at least two outfits to your maternity session. For example, you could go for a flowy dress and a knit paired with jeans - this will add variety to your final gallery of photographs.

9. Prioritise comfort

While looking great is important, comfort is key, especially when you're expecting. Pick clothing that lets you move with ease and feel comfortable during the photoshoot.


Once you’ve booked your maternity photoshoot, we will schedule a complimentary pre-shoot consultation to chat about your vision in more detail, including the selection of outfits. 


If you’re looking for an outfit for your photoshoot, why not rent - check out the maternity shoot edit here.  There are plenty of options to help you feel and look your best.

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