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Dr Anjali Mahto

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Anjali Mahto is a highly respected and renowned medical and cosmetic consultant dermatologist in London’s Harley Street, as well as the author of best-selling book The Skincare Bible, published by Penguin Life.

About Dr Anjali Mahto

Dr Anjali Mahto is one of the UK’s leading consultant dermatologists who has worked in both the UK public healthcare sector and private clinics. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, member of the Royal Society of Medicine and a spokesperson for The British Skin Foundation. Anjali now practises in London’s Harley Street where she treats patients with diverse skin concerns, helping them to create clinically-informed solutions based on a holistic approach to quality skincare and lifestyle. Anjali has a particular interest in acne and acne scarring, having experienced her own skin issues from a young age.

The Skincare Bible

From high-street favourites to designer brands, our team of expert buyers and shoppers have cherry-picked a blend of timeless outfits perfect for each stage of pregnancy and beyond. With seasonal trend edits and capsule collections picked by industry experts, FTC has your back for each and every moment. Anjali is a regular press contributor and widely recognised for her unique skincare ethos, which bridges the gap between traditional medical dermatology, beauty and cosmetic medicine. This philosophy, along with her passion for truly effective ingredients and her years of extensive, hands-on clinical experience are all captured in her book The Skincare Bible – a skincare guide which aims to help the modern consumer navigate the skincare industry to find the best and most effective solutions built from products and routines which work to deliver clinically proven results.

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