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Womans C-Section Scar, holding her baby, c-section recovery trousers

The best c-section-friendly trousers: post-partum trousers for comfort and style

Did you know that 1 in 4 women in the UK deliver their baby by c-section? If you’re an FTC member and scheduled for an elective caesarean, you might be up to speed on  post c-section recovery trousers. However, if your birth plans suddenly changed, you're probably madly scrolling during the 2 am feed and thinking, “what the heck are c-section friendly trousers?”. 

Regardless of your journey , a caesarean involves major surgery, and it's essential to be kind to yourself during your recovery.

While in the hospital, don't hesitate to use the buzzer to ask for help. From assisting with feeds to helping you maneuver out of bed, the midwives are there to provide care and support. Try to eat nourishing foods  and stay hydrated to aid your body in the healing process.

Choosing the right maternity clothing is also key to staying comfortable during this period of immense change - don't panic if the first few days are a bit of a blur. You've had major surgery, your hormones are haywire  and you now have a new little human to care for while also trying to heal yourself.

So, let's talk about what to wear after a caesarean, especially for those who've a had a c-section in winter and can't rely on breezy maxi dresses.

What are the best post c-section recovery trousers?

During your caesarean procedure, the doctor needs to cut through seven layers of tissue (yikes), so it's no surprise that your incision will take time to heal. It might be sore for a few weeks or even longer. During this time, it's good to avoid clothing that could rub or irritate your scar and mood. While most brands may not specifically stock "c-section recovery trousers," many maternity or postpartum trousers designed to sit above your scar can offer comfort.

Scar-friendly trousers have a few things in common:

  • High-waisted and stretchy (with no zips or buttons)
  • Soft fabric
  • Dark colors
  • Thicker materials that work well in disguising maternity pads

In short, avoid anything that could chafe your scar, such as elastic. Instead, choose loose-fitting styles that do not irritate your incision or squeeze your abdominal area. 

But, comfy doesn't have to mean baggy

Not in your boho era? Don't worry. Loose-fitting styles no longer mean flowing around in light-coloured linens. And you can unlock a new postpartum wardrobe with our monthly membership—rent upwards of 2 items at a time and get 50% off your first month’s rental. 

7 c-section-friendly trousers you can try today

Best post c-section recovery trousers with pockets

We absolutely LOVE the Eda maternity pants. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but the wide-leg shape also pairs well with both trainers or slip-on shoes—a lifesaver when bending over to tie your laces causes discomfort or when dealing with postpartum swollen feet.

  • Wear with: Anything and everything that's clean. 

  • Suitable for: Made for maternity, suitable for all stages and postpartum.  

  • FTC loves: The pockets, which come in handy for carrying things around, including a battery pack if you have a PICO dressing. 

Best dungarees to wear post c-section

Dungarees can double as the best maternity trousers, especially in the post-op days when everything can be painful. Wear them over a roll neck jumper and pair with your favorite trainers for a casual yet stylish look.

  • Wear with: Thin jumpers or jersey tops.

  • Suitable for: They're not maternity-specific, but they have a lot of room in the front. If you have a larger bump, we'd recommend sizing up. 

  • FTC loves: The lightweight fabric is breathable, which can be great in hot, stuffy maternity wards or when feeding in NICU.

Best non-maternity trousers for c-section recovery

Jillian Boustred is one of our favorite non-maternity brands, allowing you to rent clothing in the latter stages of pregnancy and wear it in the newborn months and beyond. 

  • Wear with:  a black top for a chic day look.

  • Suitable for:  pregnancy and beyond.

  • We love: The high and soft waist is ideal for c-section recovery, and the ribbed material helps disguise any pads or dressings that you might be sporting post-surgery.

Best smart c-section recovery trousers

While Whistles trousers may not be specifically designed for c-section recovery, their high-waisted design ensures the waistband sits comfortably above a c-section wound, allowing for proper healing.

  • Wear with: A light grey knit or hoody.
  • Suitable for: Early newborn days when you want to dress up a bit but only a bit.
  • FTC loves: The ankle-skimming length, perfect with trainers. 

Best eco maternity brand that you'll wear on repeat

Twin with your newborn in this Clary & Peg onesie, quite possibly the pinnacle of postpartum clothing. With zero waistband there's zero chance of chafe.

  • Wear with: Your reusable coffee cup and babe in arms. 

  • Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding, and postpartum. 

  • FTC loves: All Clary & Peg clothes are ethically manufactured in London, England. They do small limited edition production runs.

Best maternity trousers to wear after a caesarean

Like yoga pants, but not. These trousers from the best-selling brand Hatch are made from the softest jersey fabric and can be styled according to your mood.

  • Wear with: All your comfy basics. 

  • Suitable for: All stages of motherhood. 

  • FTC loves: The Over/Under Easy Pant's sleek leg tapers into a fitted self-cuff at the ankle, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Best postpartum jeans for c-section recovery

Anyone who asks if you're "back in your skinny jeans yet" while also reaching for your baby should be denied cuddles immediately. These Whistles trousers are an ideal jeans substitute, crafted for both comfort and a flattering fit.

  • Wear with: Shirts, knitwear or a simple white tee.

  • Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding, and postpartum. 

  • FTC loves: With an elasticated waist and designed in breathable blue cotton, these jeans are great in the fourth trimester.

Now, let’s rent your c-section-friendly trousers & more

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