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Womans C-Section Scar, holding her baby

The best c-section-friendly trousers: post-partum trousers for comfort and style

Did you know that 1 in 4 women in the UK end up giving birth via a c-section? And although, yes, it’s common, it’s still major abdominal surgery. That’s why it’s essential you do what you can to look after yourself properly to aid your recovery.


That means getting plenty of rest where you can, asking for help from friends and family and eating and drinking plenty. 

You’ll also want to wear the right clothing to help you stay comfortable while feeling like yourself through a period of immense change.


So, in this blog, we’re sharing some of our favourite c-section-friendly trousers that will help you feel comfortable and stylish post-partum.

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Our favourite c-section-friendly trousers

Whether you have a planned or emergency c-section, it’s important that you have clothing to help accommodate your recovery, while still allowing you to maintain a sense of self at such a transformational time.


While most brands don’t create trousers specifically for those who have had a c-section, many maternity or post-partum trousers are ideal for recovery.


The main features that are important for c-section-friendly trousers are:


  • High-waisted and stretchy (with no zips or buttons)
  • Soft fabric
  • Dark Colours
  • Thick material to disguise post-partum pads

You will want to feel as comfortable as possible post-c-section, so it’s important to find trousers which are loose fitting and do not irritate your c-section incision.


What we love about most of these options is that they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy, as well as after a c-section, which helps save you money and allows you to increase the wear time of the items making your pregnancy wardrobe more sustainable.


So here are some of our favourites in alphabetical order…


1. Isabella Oliver Eda Maternity Pant

We absolutely LOVE the Eda maternity pants - not only are they extremely comfortable, but the wide-leg shape looks good with both trainers or comfy sandals.  You can also wear them with slip-on shoes too, which means you don’t have to bend over and agitate your c-section incision.

Or, if you’re planning on snuggling down in the home for a while (sounds lovely), these trousers are perfect with slippers too. Especially if you’re struggling with postpartum swollen feet.


They are the kind of trousers that will do you throughout your entire pregnancy, and then help you through the recovery from your c-section.


They are made from stretchy and eco-conscious jerseys and have an under-the-bump elasticated waistband that makes them extremely soft and comfortable.


Plus, they have pockets which come in handy for carrying things around, including a battery pack if you have a PICO dressing.



Rent from £11 for 7 days

Buy for £79

Colour: Black

Material: LENZING™ ECOVERO™ jersey

Suitable for: Made for maternity, suitable for all stages and post-partum


2. Isabella Oliver Fae Ponte Maternity Pant

We’ll be the first to admit that a lot of maternity and c-section-friendly trousers are pretty similar looking.


So, what if you want an alternative?


Something that can be dressed up or down as an alternative to jeans and leggings. The Fae Ponte maternity pants offer just that - with a tapered fit and elasticated under-the-bump waistband that put comfort at their core.


Pair them with your favourite maternity tops and a pair of trainers for a smart-casual, modern look that is comfort led.



Rent from £9 for 7 days

Buy for £65

Colour: Black and multi-coloured


Suitable for: Made for maternity,


3. Jillian Boustred Freddie Pants

Jilian Boustred is one of our favourite non-maternity brands, which is ideal as it allows you to extend the life of your clothing through pregnancy and beyond.


The wide elasticated, soft and relaxed-fit trousers are perfect for a growing bump or post-birth.


The high and soft waist is ideal for c-section recovery, and the ribbed material helps disguise any pads or dressings that you might be sporting post-surgery.


The knit style material offers a generous fit, with approx 10cm of stretch, which means these trousers can take you through multiple stages of pregnancy and post-partum without losing their shape.



Rent for £24 for 7 days

Buy for £159

Colour: Black

Material: 100% cotton

Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding and post-partum.


4. Whistles Madison Trousers

Again, Whistles trousers are not technically designed for pregnancy or post-partum. However, their comfortable and elasticated fabric makes them ideal for accommodating a growing bump, or post-partum.


Plus, they are high-waisted, so the waistband sits comfortably above a c-section wound, allowing it to heal.


The madison trousers are cropped and come in two colours (navy and khaki), ideal for mixing and matching - especially in the summer months.



Rent from £12 for 7 days

Buy for £89

Colour: Navy & Khaki

Material: TENCEL™ Lyocell

Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding and post-partum.


5. Whistles Lucy Chambray Barrel Trouser

Wearing jeans are probably the last thing on your mind post-c-section, but these Whistles trousers are an ideal substitute, perfectly crafted for a comfortable and flattering fit.


With an elasticated waist, designed in breathable blue cotton, these can be paired with a shirt, a casual t-shirt and some sandals or trainers. During the colder months, throw on an oversized jumper or quilted jacket to keep cosy.



Rent from £12 for 7 days

Buy for £89

Colour: Blue

Material: 100% cotton

Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding and post-partum.


6. Whistles Luna Textured Trouser

These trousers are a timeless and chic staple, that will take you all the way through the pregnancy and post-partum.


The soft, textured material adds a little intrigue to any outfit and helps to hide any c-section dressings while making you look fabulous.


Style it with your favourite t-shirts or elegant camis for a look you can return to again and again.



Rent from £12 for 4 days

Buy for £89

Colour: Black

Material: 53% Viscose, 46% Polyester, 1% Elastane

Suitable for: Maternity, breastfeeding and post-partum.

Want to rent your c-section-friendly trousers?

A c-section can be a shock to the system, even if you are prepared for it. But one thing you can do to ease the recovery is wear clothing that is soft and comfortable while still allowing you to feel like yourself (as much as possible).


But, as with your pregnancy wardrobe, buying all your post-partum clothes can be expensive, and naturally, don’t stay in your wardrobe rotation for long.


So, renting your pregnancy clothes allows you to save money, and reduce the throwaway culture which permeates fashion.

We have a whole range of maternity and breastfeeding clothing to rent, including c-section-friendly trousers, which you can rent here.

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