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Chelsea and Westminster The Kensington Wing Boxes

Introducing Our New Maternity Gifts Sets

Whether this is your first or your fourth baby, you’re bound to come out of pregnancy and delivery a changed woman. And often, during this big life shift, it can be hard to feel like you.

So, meet our new motherhood gift sets–beginning with an exclusive collaboration with The Kensington Wing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Designed for pregnancy, birth and the early months our new gifts sets are available ready for arrival at hospital. Or, for those who'd prefer a treat waiting for them at home, we can organise that too.  

Each box has been carefully curated by FTC’s team of early motherhood experts and is filled with wonderful clothing, beauty products and post-birth essentials to support your delivery and recovery. 

Choose from 6 new boxes

Available exclusively with The Kensington Wing

From growing bump maternity leggings and nursing bras to c-section focused underwear and scar/stretch mark lotions, each tailored gift box also includes rental credit to shop at FTC, as well as expert advice from FTC’s residency of leading experts in pregnancy care.

Each box contains:

Early Days Set (£105): Start your motherhood journey with essentials tailored for the initial days post-birth. From soft maternity leggings to supportive nursing bras, each piece is designed for utmost comfort.

Glowing Nicely Set: Celebrate your growing bump with elegant maternity wear that adapts to your changing body, ensuring you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Final Push Set: As you approach the big day, rely on our Final Push Set to provide you with everything you need for those last few weeks, focusing on comfort and ease.

Feel More You Beauty Pamper (£285): Indulge in a luxury pampering experience with our specially curated beauty products, perfect for post-birth rejuvenation.

C-Section Recovery Box (£105): Specially designed for mothers who've undergone a C-section, this set includes gentle scar care and supportive underwear for a smoother recovery.

Stay tuned to The Delivery for exciting updates on our more gift set collaborations, landing later this year.

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