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what to wear after a c-section,

What to Wear After a C-Section: "I Lived in This Jumpsuit and Have No Regrets"

Mum of two Amy Lane shares her experience of navigating postpartum fashion. 

Before my first baby, I didn't give any thought to what I'd wear after birth. My son? A full wardrobe of top-to-toe baby outfits and matching muslins. Me? Nothing. 

One-week into motherhood and I found myself on a 3am panic-buy marathon of loungewear. I needed something as comfy as pjs but wasn't sleepwear so I could start to tell day from night. 

Yet, in my bleary-eyed exhausted state I was influenced by the army of Insta mums who despite having five plus children each still looked young, carefree and clean. Very clean.

Cut to a wardrobe inundated with an array of ribbed, beige ensembles that screamed "regret" louder than my newborn howled at feeding time.

I soon discovered that navigating the postpartum period in light-coloured, polyester numbers (I'd panic bought from high street brands with free delivery) was like participating in an extreme sport I never signed up for. Between the betrayal of bulky maternity pads and newborn 'mustard' poo, my outfits didn’t stand a chance. And let’s not get started on the synthetic fabric-induced postpartum sweats – a truly unforgettable and awful experience.

clary & peg jumpsuit, what to wear after a c-sectoin

Fast forward to baby number two, and my sartorial strategy needed a serious overhaul.

What to wear after a c-section

With a caesarean on the horizon I decided to research 'what to wear after a c-section?'. Turns out, my post-baby wardrobe had two non-negotiables: comfort around my scar and a strict no-synthetic policy. Oh actually, make that three: no beige. 

Enter the Clary & Peg Dash Jumpsuit, my postpartum knight in cotton-soft armour.

Dash Jumpsuit in Abstract Print

  • Snap fasteners make it easy to undo
  • Two large pockets at the front
  • Subtly tapered leg
  • This fabric has a comfortable stretch
  • Lined ankles and cuffs so legs and sleeves can be worn rolled
  • Breastfeeding-friendly
  • 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

"Cut to a wardrobe inundated with an array of ribbed, beige ensembles that screamed "regret" louder than my newborn howled at feeding time.”

With its waistband-free design and absence of restrictive seams, it slipped over my post-baby body. It was spacious enough to accommodate the bump on the inbound trip to the hospital and just as perfect for the waddle out the doors home.

Back home, the strategically poppers were so handy for instant 'boobie bar' breastfeeding access for and made the precious skin-to-skin moments on the sofa so easy. I'd simply un-pop and slip my little man into the jumpsuit like a mommy and baby kangaroo. 

clary & peg jumpsuit, what to wear after a c-section
clary & peg jumpsuit, what to wear after a c-section

The Dash Jumpsuit became my postpartum uniform, so much so that even the sacred post-shower moments ended with me putting's yesterday's clothes back on again. It was just so easy.

So, if you're about to navigate the postpartum period and are confused about what to wear after a c-section take a peek at Clary & Peg.

There's nothing wrong with rocking your maternity leggings with a hole in the knee, an oversized knit and mismatched socks but should you want to dress for you and early motherhood then rent yourself something today. 

Trust me, it's not just a piece of clothing; it's an memory – I'd love to head back in time for one more sofa snuggle with my tiny boy. 

Your post c-section clothing checklist

Stretchy styles with no zips or buttons

Soft fabric

Dark colours

Thicker materials to help disguise maternity pads

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